“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger..”

I know it’s tough being in a relationship with someone for a month, a year or more only to see it vanish. Like *poof* the love is gone.. where did it go? where did it go?

Oh, who the hell cares where did it go? I mean let’s consider today’s relationships like a beautiful flower..

You love it so much that you end up plucking it and taking it home. As soon as you reach home it dies. So you just throw it in the dustbin.

They leave you when they get bored of your beauty right? You feel unimportant and abandoned.

You’re not unimportant.

A note that i wrote when I got in this situation for the first time:

He’s gone. It’s over. You’ve left that place, a dungeon near his beating heart. You were a wolf trapped in the darkest corner of that big lonely castle. He was the dark lonely castle and every now and then his chambers were filled with your painful howls. His walls as concrete as walls are; never flinched; never felt pity for you. He had you there because your howls filled the void of loneliness that was present in the very literal heart of that castle. He was fond of you, he actually liked you enough to insist you to stay even when you had one foot outside the door. But when you stayed there you saw nothing different. His walls were as concrete as they always had been.

You know it that the door of his castle will forever remain open for you because it’ll never find a (she-)wolf like you.

You’re strong now.


Picture credits: Google.

I know this might seem hard at first but believe me.. With every passing minute you will feel better and better. The pain will start to fade like a cold ice melting once placed in sunlight, like a piece of butter melting over a stove..

First step is the hardest. Later, it’s all like the first step. Repeating it again and again.

Of course after being in a relationship going back to single life might seem tough but take it this way:

trapped wolf is finally free.. and after living in isolation for so long he/she now has turned into a lone-wolf. This is the modern world. Wolves don’t travel in packs anymore..

You finally came out of the darkness and into the moonlight. To your surprise the moon is nearest to its full at this very moment. So you’re letting out a howl at the moon to remind yourself that the pearl of white shinning light hanging in the distant diamond sky is something to be cherished. So you stand in the moonlight shaking off your fur to get off all the darkness you accumulated from the castle. You let out another howl to inform your castle  “I’m no longer a slave to your will. I don’t wanna be one of the wolves from the pack. I wanna be a lone wolf”

A lone-wolf I shall be.


Picture credits: Google.


As an advice don’t be too fast in moving on to someone new.. enjoy the single life for a change and move to someone when you’re actually ready and find someone worthy of you.


19 thoughts on “Break ups are tough but they make you stronger.

  1. yang nomor 7. mungkin bisa dengan bantuan Google Insight .-= imadewira´s selesai [nulis] ..Rafael Benitez Mengundurkan Diri Dari Lioe =-.Malah belom pernah coba tuh…

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