This refers to memes that are trolling pictures of real people.

Memes are funny, I admit and I share lots of them on my facebook account but there’s a story behind every meme there is either a person being trolled or being bullied just because of a stupid picture or something stupid they said. We all say stupid stuff, don’t we?

If every stupid thing I said and every ugly face I made had gone on internet then I would be the biggest meme queen of this century, trust me and I know many people can relate to me right now.

Anyway, I have a friend who can’t pronounce the word “spaghetti “ That’s just the way her tongue works no matter how hard she tries she ends up mixing up the word and says “sagapati”. Being her best friends it’s our duty to pull her leg over this and Oh! we do.  It’s okay when we tease her in a room or a private place but in public she feels like the same group of besties, she shares her life with, are bullying her publicly and as soon as we realized that she thought of this leg-pull as an offensive act of making her ashamed of her disability to pronounce a few words we stopped teasing her.

Thinking about this I wonder how do the people who are being trolled by thousands and millions of people on internet feel? That’s cyber bullying, worst way of hurting a person’s feelings.

When I shared a meme about a black person with a text written over his face making fun of him or his facial expression I was bullying him. A picture indirectly saying Taylor Swift had too many past love-affairs is slut-shaming. A picture saying Justin Bieber’s gait  is like a girl’s is bullying that’s basically calling him gay and what kind of straight person likes being called a gay or a girl being called a whore? And the list goes on and on. I get it we all don’t have a common fanbase but there’s one thing that we all have in common and that is we all are Homo sapiens. Yes we all are humans. We all share common emotions. If an unknown reader comments hateful stuff on my blog I’ll be hurt. What good has hatred ever brought to us?  Don’t think of anyone the way you wouldn’t want others to think of you.

But again there are so many people who ask for it.

They go on making themselves internet famous by dissing people and bitching about them. These kinds of people get loads of negative remarks. I mean they make up such stuff as cheap publicity stunts and it’s good for them. They’re doing themselves wrong. They are the people who trigger this for themselves. The worst part is that they actually get successful in triggering hatred from the people. They are a successful stimuli and we just look at them and pour streams of hatred all over the internet. Whether we accept it or not but we fall into a category of cyber-bullying.  I’m a cyber-bully and so is almost everyone in this world right now and it’s wrong on so many different levels.


Let’s stop pitting people against people; a friend against another friend; a celebrity against another celebrity; a dog lover against a cat lover; homosexuals against homo-phobics; Muslims against non-Muslims; black people against white ones; Americans against non-Americans. We need to stop this right now. We need to live and let others live.

Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.

-Mother Teresa

There are so many haters in the world, we can’t beat them but that doesn’t mean we have to join them. Let’s minimize the casualties we are causing and hearts we are breaking every day.



One can always enjoy dog and cat memes or the cartoonish ones. Something that is harmless.


All picture credits: Google.


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