Dear Death,

What is it like being feared, Dear Death? I know you are the most hated occurrence of this world. You creep up on a person like a wolf in the dark forest. You hurt like a rotten and infected wound. You leave taking our most loved possession like snatching a toy from a lonely and helpless child in the playground.  As humans we bruise ourselves again and again and leave it up to time to heal the scratches and scars but you, you damage us so much that even time, the best healer of all, doesn’t seem to be able to heal the wounds you make and we bleed to death.

I have come to know that this world is a beautiful illusion and we all are visitors staying here temporarily. We build an uncanny fondness of this illusive world and the way of life we have, oblivious of what tomorrow holds.


You wanna know why everyone fears you? Because you are inevitable.

You were there when we born. We were told that everyone has to die the moment we started understanding words. There is no escape from you. No one can cheat you. You make us realize that life is not just a game. We will never be able to start all over again. Once life starts it starts and you taught us that we certainly cannot bring ourselves back to life after our life percentage drops to 0% We only get one life and that’s it. There are no cheats like the video games where no matter how many times we get our ass kicked we get back to the mission and save lives; where we get as many shots as we want. You make us realize the harshness of reality, how we only have one shot at life. You make us realize that one day we’ll escape this illusion, either contended or not and we’ll never return; never breathe again. You will come looking for us no matter how much we hide and you’ll find us. You’re inevitable.

From the moment we are born, we begin to die.

-Janne Teller

You wanna know why everyone fears you? Because you are unpredictable.

Scientists say that an average human life span is about 60-65 years, 63 years to be exact. That’s an average only. Many young people die every day and there are lots of people above 70 who are healthy and are enjoying their lives. Even a one year old boy is not safe from your toxic ability to deprive him of his soul. Nobody is safe. Sometimes a guy with 60 broken bones survives an accident and sometimes a perfectly healthy girl dies because of eating wrong anti-biotic.  No one can predict his or her death. You come out of anywhere, anytime and in any form; a chronic disease, an accident, over-dosage, nature… anything but what we predicted. You’re unpredictable.

You wanna know why everyone fears you? Because you are ruthless.

You just come out of nowhere, tie our souls and swing them up your shoulder and leave. Leaving people there to grieve and mourn in disbelief of being deprived of their loved ones. You ruin houses. You tend to take away the only person earning in the family or the youngest and the most loved ones. You take away one’s parents just when one needs them the most. You take away one person and scar the rest of the family. You’re a ruthless and utterly terrifying reality.

Not everyone hates you.

Some people think of their lives as hell and the only possible way to escape this hell is to die? They wish of you all the time.

What they don’t know is that ancient humans thought that earth was straight because a person standing on a mountain saw the world as a plain area stretched to all lengths but they were wrong, now we know. There’s more to everything; two sides of a coin. Maybe this experience will be like out of one hell to another? How will you escape that? There’s no death of a dead person right? So the people who wish to call the Grim Reaper and those who are actually trying to arrange a meeting with him should know that grass is always greener on the other side and we will never know how many poisonous bugs live in that green grass till the right time comes.


So death I’ll not request you to pay a visit just because I’m having a rough few months but I want you to come after I pull myself together and make it through this. So that you can applaud my achievement.


All Picture Credits: Google.


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