A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.

-Walter Winchell

As I like to metaphorically put in words. I set everything around me on fire and nobody was brave enough to jump into it to save me but he, he walked in oblivious of the fire and decided to stay pretending that he liked playing with it.

So many times people have told  me that there are always two sides of a person and looks can be deceiving. He practically proved that. I mean when I saw him he looked like an angel. To be honest I think I saw a ring over his head too and in our first encounter I was the outspoken, slightly confused and awkward one where as he, shy and decent one. To my family he’s nothing but the most decent guy to ever walk on Earth.

Let me explain. He is an entire 5’11 of pure evilness he can fool the world with his shaggy brown hair and dark brown eyes but not me. I see him exactly as he is and he is the devil reincarnated. Unfortunately he’s an exact definition of pure perfection and being next to him makes me drown in self-pity.

The question is why is this monstrous creature my “favorite person”

He’s that one person who listens to my messed up stories even though I don’t make sense most of the time. He tells me it’s okay to be different. He stands at the highest peak of the mountain but still manages to help the people below him. He’s an evil manipulator with a soft heart. He cares about people and their health but he doesn’t care a wee bit about himself and after arguing with him for the past five months I have realized that it’s better to not argue with him because arguing with him is like killing brain cells and I drew a conclusion that he’s not just a sadist, a lying evil manipulator, a scheming arrogant jerk who thinks way too highly of himself just because girls go crazy over him but he’s also suicidal and will rather jump in his grave than take a painkiller.

The explanation I gave may seem like he’s anything but “favorite” to me but the truth is even though he’s my personal bully and I seem to hate him most of the time, there’s nothing but adoration and love for him in my heart and he will never let anyone hurt me because only he has the right to do so. He can fix all my problems (most of them are caused my him though) with just a simple act of another uncanny idiocy that seems to run in his veins and this makes me wonder how is this idiot, who is actually the same age as mine,earning so much money whereas I’m in a university trying to study Shakespeare.💗



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