This world is full of dark and twisty, confounded occurrences. Every trial and tribulation wears the most mesmerizing disguise and walks up to us in the most soothing way possible. After befriending us it punches us right in the stomach and kicks us when we’re down.

It’s a saying.

Expecting life to be fair with you is like expecting a lion to not eat you just because you don’t eat it.

Life is never fair. It will never be. We are fully aware of the fact that we can’t fight nature and all the Godly things because we have no control over it but replying in the same coins doesn’t always work either. You don’t have to be unfair to life or choose the evil path. There’s always a plan B.

It is said if you can’t fight for yourself at least try to defend yourself. We are living in a world where people are hiding behind eachother. Some fight, some defend. The difference between fighting and defending is the same as the difference between an arrow being shot from a bow and the metal armour protecting one’s chest from being pierced by the pointed arrowhead.

Sometimes the dream is a nightmare and the monster our mum used to check for beneath the bed when we were little arrives at the door and enters the house as a friend. 

She fears these friends.

She fears the lovers who walk away when they see the dark side.

She fears this world and the monsters she’s living among.

She fears fighting the war that she knows she’s destined to lose.

So she figured there’s no point fighting. It only gets one more of the unwanted attention. She won many battles but she knows it’s the war that she will lose. So she stopped fighting and started defending.

In this teenage world where satan wears pretty clothes and Grim reaper wears red lipstick, her headphones became her armour.

The moment the music hits, everything disappears and her life becomes a movie. She keeps hoping it’s the type of movie that commences with Once upon a time and ends with and she lived happily ever after.

As the music hits, she finds herself in another place. A place where she finds state of peace. The hell fire around her suddenly disappears as the song starts painting on her imagination with the paintbrush of the lyrics and the colors of the melody. In all this she forgets that the world that is invisible to her is right there, painting an image of her, judging her and that little smile that hits the corner of her lips as Little Mix gives a shout-out to their ex. 

To the world she seems rude and antisocial but she’s just busy making friends with her delusional characters in her delusional world. In her melodious world of delusional lifestyle she can have the best of everything she ever wished for.

She seems uninterested. Yes because she’s much more interested in Ed Sheeran’s empowering voice telling her she’s beautiful than hearing her friends’ squeaky voices going on and on about that one cute guy in the class or that one queen bitch of the institute.

She seems invulnerable because her defense, her headphones form the four walls of a strong and concrete castle around her treating her like a princess in danger. She would rather be a princess of her delusional utopia than being just another unwanted casuality of this world. 

She doesn’t have to fight back because her friendly illusive friends are enough to maintain her inner satisfaction. She’s too busy in the world of her creation where Demi Lovato keeps telling her that she’s a warrior and she’ll be rising from the ground like a skyscraper.

She’s the headphones girl that this world finds rude.

She’s a survivor who’s been through a lot.

She’s a warrior who fights battles day and night.

She’s a desert that longs for only one fountain of love.

She’s The Headphones Girl.

All images credits: google.


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