Picture by Chaira Batista.
Source: Pinterest.

What do I see when I look at this picture?

Honestly, I don’t see a bunny-girl and her pet wolf, that’s absurd! I see two elements, two totally different elements. The difference can be of any type e.g color, creed, race, nationality and even species. The point is that they are very different but there they are sitting in silence interacting with eachother in silence, not a single word is being spoken, no exchange of dialogues but they both are bounded by a force. What is the force or the bond? That’s love portrayed by the creator through the process in which she’s knitting the sweater for the wolf from her heart.That’s love because love doesn’t need words or promises, it requires actions and actions speak louder than words.

What do I see when I look around me?

I see absence of love that has led us to hatred and this hatred is leading us to wars and chaos. Some writers and philosophers are considering this era as  the “decline of humanity” also due to lack of love.

Chaira Batista and I pretty much share the same point of view. Through text at the bottom of the picture she’s asking everyone a question

What to do with all this love?

Then through her art she has very intellectually and beautifully answered her own question. We all are born with basic emotions. No one is deprived of love from birth. How are we supposed to use this love? This love is supposed to be spread and given to people inferior to us, to people superior to us, to every single human being and animal on planet Earth irrespective of the differences.

She is portraying the sort of love Nicholas Sparks has quoted in his famous novel, “A Walk To Remember”


This has been my all time favorite quote ❤

But true love seems so rare in today’s world that it feels like it only exists in books. 

This world has turned into a rotten wound that keeps getting more and more decayed day by day. How can this infection, this disease and this misery be eliminated? Through the spread of love.

If we love other races as much as we love ours we can eliminate Racism.

If we love women enough to give them equal rights as men we can eliminate  Feminism.

If we  love animals enough to keep them safe we can eliminate Animal Rights Violence.

If we love our fellow humans enough there won’t be Terrorism.

But in today’s world I see “Pursuit of power” more than “Pursuit of love” and that is the reason we lack peace in the world. If we need international,national and personal peace we require love. As Jimi Hendrix said:

When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world be at peace.


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