As we grow up we realize why were we told the story of “The Thirsty Crow” when we were kids. That it wasn’t just a story it was a lesson. A lesson that our teachers tried to teach us and prepare us for since our childhood but failed to make us understand that one day we’ll be running here and there all alone as the scorching sun will shine over our heads​ and condense every little luxury that our surrounding will hold. From that day pebble by pebble we’ll make every possible effort to reduce our unquenchable thirst for all the worldly stuff that are all so over-the-top necessary for living, as necessary as the water is for any living being.

But in the kids’ tale the crow finally drank enough water and flew away with satisfaction. The story never told us what happened when the crow got thirsty again. If the weather was actually boiling hot and the summer was scorching then what did the crow do later for his thirst? Did he look for another pot of water? ’cause as humans there’s no such word as “satisfaction” in our dictionary and we keep looking for another pot and then another and another and another. We struggle to find unnecessary comfort and luxuries in our life.

The thing that the children’s story didn’t teach us is that sometimes life turns into a quick-sand. The more you struggle the faster you sink.The secret of surviving is knowing that no one has ever completely drowned in a quick-sand. It’s okay to stop the struggle just for once and take a look around and enjoy the nature because even when we’re “in the woods” we can find the trees beautiful. This life is like a mountain and living is like climbing. Sometimes we can take a moment, stop climbing and take a look around to enjoy the view because we all know Life’s a climb but the view is great. Worrying only doubles the sufferings.


22 thoughts on “The Thirsty Crow (Re-Created)

  1. I like your style. You whole blog has posh and thats what we like at Gastradamus. Please come on by to our blog and share your feedback s on some of our shorts. If you leave comments, I will be more than happy to promote your blog

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    1. Awwwh Thank you so much.. Actually I’m taking my mid-term exams nowadays.. but I promise I will check out your blog after that and I’d love to be promoted by your blog xx ❤❤❤❤


  2. Wow! Your retold takes me back to the memory lane where I used to keep telling my grandparents to tell me this story…I just told my colleagues how my kids keep insisting me to read Jack and Beanstalk. They have remembered each and every line of the book.
    I can connect now there is a lesson in both the stories.
    This Retold are great way to keep our stories and lessons for generations to come…what do you say?

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  3. Dear friend,

    Your life wasn’t easy, you had to go through hard times too but one thing I like: Your courage is always a bit stronger than your fear. This will always help you to face hard times.

    Have a great time, dear friend
    And always head up 🙂
    Best wishes

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