She was scrolling through her facebook newsfeed when she came across the pictures of the party thrown about three days ago. She was very excited to see the pictures and clicked the album without wasting a single second.  As the torment of familiar faces came pouring down on her computer screen there was one face that she didn’t like ironically that was the face she was most familiar with. There between flood of human faces it was her own face that made her cringe a bit inside. She saw all other smiling faces of her friends with smudged make up and messed up hair but it was her own face that looked the most messed up. Then her gaze fell on another picture of her in which she’s standing there with her arms around Alina’s neck. She looked so fat and so small.
She checked the privacy status of those pictures; Public.
“Oh My God! How many people will see that ugly face of mine!” She screamed.
“How can I look pretty when God has made me this way? I can’t go for a plastic surgery.”

She was now lying on the floor looking at the fan , tears welled up in her eyes. She looked at the ton of make-up set up on her dressing table and thought to herself that how these expensive cosmetics were of no use to her natural ugliness. Days passed and everyday she kept caking her face with make-up and putting a smile on like a cherry at the top of that cake.. and this kept going on for days. No one actually ever commented on her but she always thought that maybe people were gossiping behind her back about her make-up being too cake-y or that how she was so artificial.

One day she read a quote in one of the self-help books “Approval comes from within”

Voice of silence that echoed more than her anguish screams. A drum beating advisor appeared within herself and whispered near her ear, whisper or epiphany?

As you can tell everything changed from that moment and the preposterous dressing and make-up routines were replaced by satisfaction and happiness. She walked the streets with her head held up high and her chest swollen with pride of being “herself” in the world of stereotypes.

Thank you Bashar for helping me out with this one.❤


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